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AWS-Blog: Switching Identity Providers in the IAM Identity Center

Switching the Identity Provider in the IAM Identity Center while keeping all permissions intact and minimizing disruptions can be a daunting task. In this post I鈥檓 explaining how we solved this for one of our customers.

2024-05-16 路 7 min 路 Maurice Borgmeier

Analyzing my Amazon Purchases with Pandas and Dash

I鈥檝e been an Amazon Customer for more than half of my life and recently it became possible to download the data that Amazon stores about me (thank you, EU!). I downloaded my data and built a Dash app to analyze what I spend my money on.

2024-05-09 路 8 min 路 Maurice Borgmeier

Replacing the Battery in my Sennheiser PXC 550 Headphones

After almost 7 years my headphones are having trouble holding a full charge and start screaming at me to recharge after about 30 minutes. In this post I walk you through changing the battery in Sennheiser PXC 550 headphones.

2024-05-06 路 7 min 路 Maurice Borgmeier

AWS-Blog: Introduction to SSO with the IAM Identity Center and Entra ID

IAM Identity Center, formerly AWS SSO, is often used as an access management solution in front of one or more AWS accounts. More often than not, its purpose is to grant access to AWS accounts within an AWS organization. Today we鈥檒l shed some light on the basic concepts and explain how this solution can be integrated with Azure AD which has recently been renamed to Entra ID to provide Single-Sign-On to your AWS environment.

2024-04-23 路 5 min 路 Maurice Borgmeier

AWS-Blog: Using undocumented AWS APIs with Python

I published a new blog post on the tecRacer AWS Blog: https://www.tecracer.com/blog/2024/04/using-undocumented-aws-apis-with-python.html

2024-04-19 路 1 min 路 Maurice Borgmeier

AWS-Blog: Adding Cognito Authentication to our Serverless Dash App

I published a new blog post on the tecRacer AWS Blog: https://www.tecracer.com/blog/2024/04/adding-cognito-authentication-to-our-serverless-dash-app.html

2024-04-12 路 1 min 路 Maurice Borgmeier

AWS-Blog: Build a Serverless S3 Explorer with Dash (alpha)

I published a new blog post on the tecRacer AWS Blog: https://www.tecracer.com/blog/2024/04/build-a-serverless-s3-explorer-with-dash.html

2024-04-02 路 1 min 路 Maurice Borgmeier

Replacing the Battery on a HP Spectre x360

A notebook was suffering from a dead battery. Since the warranty expired, I decided to fix it myself. Here鈥檚 what happened (hint: nothing catches on fire).

2024-03-22 路 6 min 路 Maurice Borgmeier

AWS-Blog: Adding Basic Authentication to the Serverless Dash App

I published a new blog post on the tecRacer AWS Blog: https://www.tecracer.com/blog/2024/03/adding-basic-authentication-to-the-serverless-dash-app.html

2024-03-20 路 1 min 路 Maurice Borgmeier

Giving my old Chromebook a second life with Fedora

I explain how I turned my end-of-life 7 year old Chromebook into a useful notebook by removing some screws and installing Fedora Linux.

2024-03-05 路 6 min 路 Maurice Borgmeier